Quick Acting Pet Odor Eliminator

KittyKlean was founded by 3 brothers in 2012. One brother, a Ph.D. chemist and environmental chemistry teacher, wanted to develop a non-toxic solution to quickly remove the odor and burning effects of a skunk's spray on his dog's face and body after an unfortunate run in while playing in a field. After many variations and much testing, he discovered the major ingredient of KittyKlean and its natural ability to eliminate animal excretion odors.

With a significantly happier dog and a solution found, the Monroe brothers sought to share KittyKlean with friends and family while continuing to perfect the formula. After many enthusiastic requests to solve odor issues from a range of pets, this family's small solution offered large, dynamic results not just for skunk spray but also for cat litter and all litter boxes.

The end result was a family business making a product that's safe around pets and children and thus KittyKlean was born.