Quick Acting & Non-Toxic for Cat Litter, Carpets,
Skunk Spray, Pet Cages and Hard Surfaces

KittyKlean is a revolutionary new American-made product that eliminates odors upon contact without masking them. Each KittyKlean ingredient is Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable, Eco-Friendly, Planet Safe, Found in Nature, approved by the FDA for human ingestion, and is safe for pets of all ages.

KittyKlean works on any of the following excretions: pet urine and feces from cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, mice, etc, as well as, skunk spray on pets or humans including facial areas.

KittyKlean has a long shelf life and comes in a non-BPA food-grade plastic bottle, delivered with a trigger leak proof lock – make sure to unlock the trigger before your first use. When storing KittyKlean, you can relock the trigger. Note: Slight cloudiness may form over time and is normal.

Guarantee: KittyKlean aims for total customer satisfaction and offers a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Refunds: Any refunds will be issued back to the credit or debit card used.

  • Do not spray into the air as KittyKlean must come in contact with your pet’s discharge.
    Note: KittyKlean is neither a disinfectant nor an air freshener.

  • New Cat Litter: Spray the top surface until it is just slightly moist (10-15 pumps). Using the litter scoop, rotate the dry bottom layer of litter so that it is on the top. Spray this dry litter layer using 10-15 more pumps. You may have to break apart any clumps in the litter. Repeat this process two (2) more times until you have sprayed a total of four (4) rotations. This prepared litter should last about 21-30 days without having any detectable odors. Please review the above video for additional instructions. KittyKlean will work with clumping and non-clumping litter.

  • Soiled Cat Litter: Spray the wet litter, including solid waste, using 4-5 pumps. Odors will be eliminated within seconds upon contact. Odors may return upon the cat’s next use of the litter.

  • Carpets: Highly dampen (20-25 pumps) the carpet or rug where there is pet excretion odor. Next, using the cool setting of a hair dryer, blow the solution into the carpet or rug so that it penetrates and comes in contact with the padding. Next, change the setting of the hair dryer to warm and begin to gently and slowly dry the carpet or rug—there is no need to wash or vacuum. The warm air from the dryer will increase the efficiency of the process to destroy the excretion odors. On occasion, a second application may be needed. Odors may return upon the pet’s next mishap on the carpet. Please review the above video for additional instructions. KittyKlean is color safe. Preexisting odor in carpets and upholstery may take several applications. Important: Do Not Use the dryer’s Hot Setting as you may damage the fabric of the carpet.

  • Hard Surfaces: Spray KittyKlean so that the soiled surfaces are covered. At your convenience, wipe or sanitize if desired. Odors may return upon these surfaces becoming soiled again. Please review the above video for additional instructions.

  • Skunk Spray: Apply KittyKlean directly to the surface of your pet sprayed by the skunk. Rub KittyKlean into the fur and onto the skin. Repeat if necessary. If required, spray your hands with KittyKlean to remove any skunk odor. Rinse or wash at your convenience. This product can be safely used on the facial areas of both pets and humans. The interaction with and elimination of skunk odor is almost instantaneous. Reapply KittyKlean if your pet is skunked again. Please review the above video for additional instructions.

  • Soiled Pet Cages: Spray KittyKlean on the soiled absorbent material at the bottom of the cage and on any solid waste. The odor will be gone almost immediately. Odors may return upon the pet’s continued use of the cage’s absorbent material.

  • Toilet Odor: To remove the odor of urine, spray KittyKlean on the rim, front surface and/or base of the toilet. Almost immediately the urine odor will be gone from the toilet. At your convenience, wipe or sanitize if desired.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long will the odors be eliminated?
A: Odors will be permanently removed, yet may return upon future mishaps.

Q: What happens if I don’t wipe or sanitize after using KittyKlean?
A: There is no harm done if you don’t wipe or sanitize after use. A fine white residue may appear that’s easily removed with a damp cloth or sponge.

Q: Am I removing KittyKlean’s odor eliminating ability by wiping or sanitizing?
A: No, the odor is completely eliminated and you are simply removing the excess residue when you wipe or sanitize.

Q: Can I use KittyKlean as a preventative measure?
A: Yes, see the New Cat Litter example in the Directions above.

Testimonial from Forgotten Felines:
"Thank you for your donation of KittyKlean, it worked excellent! Our cats liked the litter so much they spent a lot of time actually playing in their litter!

But not only did they play in their litter but they used it as well, and the litter held up with little to no smell at all for 2 weeks! The miracle in that little bottle of spray is really something. It is a neutralizer of some sort, but not an over powering smell-very light and pleasing to both cats as well as humans.

Forgotten Felines gives a 'tails up' and a 'purr' to KittyKlean!"

Sincerely, Laura Brazil –Foster/Adoption Program Coordinator. Santa Rosa, CA

About Us:
KittyKlean was founded by 3 brothers in 2012. One brother, a Ph.D. chemist and environmental chemistry teacher, wanted to develop a non-toxic solution to quickly remove the odor and burning effects of a skunk's spray on his dog’s face and body after an unfortunate run in while playing in a field. After many variations and much testing, he discovered the major ingredient of KittyKlean and its natural ability to eliminate animal excretion odors.

With a significantly happier dog and a solution found, the Monroe brothers sought to share KittyKlean with friends and family while continuing to perfect the formula. After many enthusiastic requests to solve odor issues from a range of pets, this family's small solution offered large, dynamic results not just for skunk spray but also for cat litter and all litter boxes.

The end result was a family business making a product that is safe around pets and children and thus KittyKlean was born.